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You're Not in This Alone: Having a Hospice Team to Care for Your Loved One

When days get rougher and more uncontrollable, you’ll need all the help possible to meet the caring needs of your loved one. It’s too easy to feel exhausted as a primary caregiver. The main thing you should know though is, you’re not in this alone. As you cherish every waking moment you have with your family member, you can always call for help from a hospice team.

Hospice organizations have staff members who are on call 24/7. While most hospice organizations offer a secondary location for your loved one to stay, some are able to come to your home to offer compassionate care. At any time of any day, a professional support system is just a phone call away.


Who Can You Turn To?

It takes a team of compassionate professionals to make sure you and your loved one will get the support you need at such a tough time. They have the training, experience, and skills that are specially meant for hospice care.


Normally, a hospice care facility will have a range of staff members available to help you and your loved one, including:


  • Nursing Assistants
  • Hospice Nurses
  • Counselors
  • Interfaith Ministers
  • Social Workers
  • Volunteers

As practitioners of hospice organizations, they can professionally and compassionately care for patients going through serious to last-stage illnesses such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, or kidney failure.


Complete Care Services You Can Rely On

There are a couple of hospice care services you can choose from. These primarily begin with:


  • Medical Care
  • Personal Care

A holistic hospice further ensures completeness of care by also having these services:

  • Emotional Counseling
  • End of Life Planning
  • Grief Support

Medical care provides a lot of relief both for patients and their primary caregivers. By having caring professionals from hospice organizations go to your home and provide for your family member’s medical needs, you yourself won’t have to drive to hospitals as much.

A standard Arizona hospice organization will have nurses who will administer medications and check on effective usages of medical supplies. If your loved one experiences discomfort and pain, minimizing hospital trips can help you avoid the heartaches of having to see them even more uncomfortable because of unnecessary commutes.

Aside from providing comfort, personal care services from hospice organizations also bring about a sense of dignity to patients. By being bathed and dressed, your family member will feel good about themselves, too. Having a nicely groomed appearance and well-maintained home will bring about feelings of positivity. This is beneficial for their self-esteem and overall mental health.


When it comes to facing such a difficult time, don’t hesitate to seek out the necessary support. There are available resources and reachable professionals out there. Your county surely has caring teams from hospice organizations, who’ll be glad to go to your house anytime. You are not in this alone. Call for the physical, emotional, and/or spiritual support you need today.

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