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Visiting a Loved One in Hospice Care? Consider These Fun Activities

Approximately 1,381,182 Medicare beneficiaries were enrolled in Hospice for 24 hours or more in 2015. And despite the fact that hospice staff members are on call 24 hours a day and seven days a week, it's up to friends, family members, and caregivers to provide additional support through fun activities and outings. Here are just a few enjoyable activity ideas to keep in mind when planning outings for hospice care patients.



Your local library is undoubtedly a great resource to expand knowledge and to simply relax. Libraries tend to be relatively non-stimulating environments -- they're quiet, they're safe, and they're comforting. Take your loved one to the local library and consider reading to or with them in a quiet area. You can alternate between reading passages of books they're interested in and simply talking with them and keeping them company. You'll both leave feeling mentally stimulated and connected.



You're never too old to enjoy a trip to the zoo, so if your loved one is feeling up to it, consider adding a visit to your itinerary. There's no pressure to stay longer than you want to or to see exhibits that are out of the way; just take a walk through the area with your loved one and watch as their face lights up with excitement at the immersive animal experience.



An estimated 20% of the U.S. population will be over 65 by 2030. Bingo has long been a beloved activity for seniors because it gives them an opportunity to connect with one another and test their luck. This is an activity that many holistic hospice care facilities have available regularly. But there are plenty of opportunities to get involved in an exciting game of Bingo with your loved one.



If your loved one is religious, it can often help them feel more connected to their faith to take them to church. You can also say a prayer with them to give them extra peace of mind.

These options may not be viable for certain patients, depending on their physical and mental health status. Still, it helps to think outside the box when it comes to keeping patients engaged and satisfied with their holistic hospice care experience. For more information about holistic hospice care facilities, contact Soulistic Hospice.

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