Patient & Family Testimonials

See what others have said about the care provided to their loved ones by Soulistic Hospice.

G. Marshall

Extraordinary Team!

The extraordinary thing about your team is that EVERYONE moved in ways that boggled my mind. While initiating care, the team looked and confirmed the need to move my mother, listened to what I had in my heart as a place she would love, saw that dad was needing support and NEVER said derogatory things or lost their patience. Her team worked through all difficulties with the old “soft shoe” knowing that my parents would make a decision. And that is what they did…bless all of the team…they let Dad and mom come to terms with the inevitable without pushing. I send all of you thanks. I am grateful to everyone, the movers and shakers, who helped me understand what needed to happen and helped realize my dream for my mother. A comfortable, loving, light, responsive place where all of you can still be with her and provide her with the care she deserves. She needs this faith-driven organization. Without it I do not believe we would have the same wonderful result.


Care and Support was Outstanding

I’m so thankful that Soulistic Hospice was there for both my husband and myself during the last months of his life. Dr. Lawrence, Beyana, Aladi, Shureen, Ah’Nuit and everyone at Soulistic were a formidable support team to have working on our behalf. The level and expertise in their guidance, care and support was outstanding. Experiencing the last precious months of life with a loved one was emotional, difficult and stressful in wanting to do everything one could do. Having knowledgeable, understanding, reassuring guidance was priceless and meant everything to me.


I would recommend you to anyone

My close friend was a patient with Soulistic Hospice and she passed away in June 2015. I recommended Soulistic to her and she had wonderful care. I would recommend you to anyone, and I do!


We Felt Extremely Loved and Supported

I have long been a fan of hospice, but I was swept away by the loving care provided by Soulistic Hospice during the time of my friend’s passing. We felt extremely loved and supported! Each person on the team was kind and thoughtful. I can’t imagine a more genuine experience than the one my friend had as she passed to the other side. I highly recommend the Soulistic Hospice team. I made some friends during the experience that I will have for life.

Adult Care Home Manager

Soulistic Hospice Has Been a “Breath of Fresh Air” for Our Assisted Living Home and Our Residents

Soulistic Hospice Services has been a breath of fresh air for our Assisted Living Home and our residents. We felt our residents and their families were just another “cold emotionalized number” to other hospices we had tried prior to Soulistic Hospice. Soulistic Hospice has provided that loving touch and compassion through their Physician, Registered Nurses, Home Health Aides, Music Therapy, Community Outreach Services, Chaplains, Social Workers, etc. We look forward to working with them in the coming year ahead and may God bless them all with health, happiness, and prosperity!

Assisted Living Owner

Soulistic Hospice Shows Respect for Each Individual in My Home

Soulistic Hospice is a caring hospice. They provide a team to help ensure that individuals and their loved ones are not alone in their journey, so their last days are peaceful and as pain-free as possible. They are a hospice who believes in compassionate care and respect for each individual. I recommend them to everybody!


Professional and Caring Staff

Soulistic Hospice took care of an elderly family member in my home until she passed. I found their staff to be very caring and professional, and they were always there when we needed them. Their doctor was exceptional and did regular house calls, which is almost unheard of. I would highly recommend their services to anyone!

Sue and Joe

We Can’t Thank Soulistic Hospice Enough

I can’t thank Soulistic Hospice enough for the all-around comfort, care and support you gave us, nurturing our body, mind, spirit, and heart. Together, on this part of our journey, we got the most out of life.


We Are Greatly Appreciative!

After my wife returned home from the Rehabilitation Center and was given the diagnosis of COPD, Soulistic Hospice entered the picture. They took the responsibility of giving all manner of services (ministerial, social, medical, and nursing care) and did so, graciously and competently. My wife was greatly impressed and was much more comfortable. At 90 years old, I was very relieved. It gave my wife such happiness and a few months of quality living. We are greatly appreciative!


Loving Attention and Kind Staff

When a close family member was faced with a terminal illness, he was placed under the care of Soulistic Hospice. I had the good fortune to work closely with this fine dedicated hospice team. Because my friend needed care around the clock, the Soulistic team went the extra mile and helped us to assemble and coordinate a quality caregiving team. Without them, we would not have known where to start. I will always remember this experience and the loving attention and support provided by the kind staff of Soulistic Hospice.

T. Hopson, Green Valley, AZ

Kindness and Compassion

Finally allowing myself to utterly collapse into the waiting embrace of kindness and compassion is at once overwhelming and exhaustive. But Soulistic Hospice, where their name is quintessentially the core of their mission, delivers multidimensional care to every nuisance of mind, body, soul to move past suffering over one's suffering. I have never encountered such a team of sentient beings truly dedicated and equally fond of being in service to others. whether I live another day or ascend to the highest peaks tomorrow makes little difference to me for kindness is strong medicine & Soulistic has assisted me unto a healing path come what may.

David B., Green Valley, AZ

One of the Finest

Soulistic hospice is one the finest organizations we have ever encountered. As a group dedicated to caring for the terminally ill, or people in severe distress, they have been totally dedicated to our service. The staff is always courteous and helpful, going out of their way to aid people in their care.