Meet Our Volunteers

Our volunteer program is an integral part of our hospice service. Our team has a wide range of life experience and professional skills, including pet therapists; massage therapists; art and music therapy; language interpreters, and so much more. They also offer loving support to our patients and their families. Please learn more about some of our volunteers below.

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Andrew & Sarah

Andrew and Sarah have been volunteering with Soulistic Hospice for almost a year and work as a team with our patients. They are both sophomores at the University of Arizona – Andrew is studying Biology and Sarah, nursing. Both have been dedicated volunteers since high school, and were looking for a challenging opportunity outside of their comfort zone. This is what led them to Soulistic Hospice and the experience has proven to be like no other. It has been the most rewarding aspect of their college career so far and they have grown tremendously. Other than Hospice work, both are in AED, which is an honorary fraternity at the University. In their free time they enjoy playing and watching soccer.


VarNaNae grew up in New Hampshire in the Foster Care system. As a child she learned to train horses, and horsemanship became her passion. VarNaNae has worked with several zoos training lions, tigers, and sea lions. She joined the Navy during the Gulf War and was an aviation electronic technician where she learned the value of teamwork and the importance of high standards. VarNaNae is a part of the music therapy volunteer program here at Soulistic Hospice. She has a deep compassion and empathy for the feelings of others and can especially relate to the challenges of veterans. VarNaNae has dedicated herself to a life of service.