Having the Conversation

As a medical professional, you cannot predict how soon your patient will transition, but you do know when a cure is not possible. Hospice emphasizes comfort and quality of life once an illness is incurable. Patients and families who are reluctant to use hospice are more likely to accept services when they have a conversation with their doctors about hospice care.

Tips for having the conversation:

How to have the Hospice conversation
  • Begin the conversation by gauging their understanding of the medical condition.
  • Find out what things are important to the patient, such as avoiding hospitalization, spending time with family, quality of life, or other areas of meaning to the patient.
  • Approach hospice by explaining the philosophy and then the benefits to the patient and family, rather than listing services.

Other points to make:

  • Hospice is about living and having quality of life in the face of a life-limiting illness
  • Hospice is the only Medicare benefit that provides services for the entire family
  • Hospice can assist a patient to stay home with family and friends
  • Hospice can relieve the stress of loved ones providing care
  • Hospice is about giving the patient control over their care

We Are Here to Help

Soulistic Hospice can help you with having the hospice conversation. Our staff can meet with your patient, explain hospice, answer patient questions, and be your resource for hospice information and education.