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End-of-Life Treatment Plan

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During the difficult last stages of a serious illness, many patients and families feel that they have lost control over their lives and don't realize that they can regain it by recruiting the help of hospice care and creating a comprehensive end-of-life treatment plan.

At Soulistic Hospice, our patients and their family members are given the assistance they need to feel supported while making decisions that are important to them, including an end-of-life care plan. These kinds of plans can often be difficult to handle on one’s own, but we can be there with you every step of the way to help.

Taking back this control is especially beneficial to patients facing their last year of life. Instead of spending time in and out of the hospital, they can spend it with their family and loved ones in their own home. While a life coming to an end is always sad, we want to help our patients make the process as painless as possible.

Developing an end-of-life treatment plan helps ensure that your wishes are followed and you receive the best in-home end-of-life care until the very end. We can help by documenting your wishes and advocating for them, including:

  • Advanced directives, including do-not-resuscitate
  • Choosing a funeral home
  • Bereavement support for your loved ones

When patients feel heard, supported, and cared for, their conditions often improve and some will be able to return to curative treatment. Whether this happens or not, the relief that many patients feel in knowing that their final requests are acknowledged can be a huge benefit to their physical and mental health.

We take pride in knowing that our end-of-life care plans help our patients feel better prepared to move on from this life, and their families and friends feel better equipped to handle their loss. If patients can live a full-life, even until the end, we believe they can experience joy and find peace, even amidst pain and sorrow.


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The End of Life Planning Team

Ala'Di Goodman, RN

Executive Director
Interfaith Minister
Human-Rights Missionary

Dr. Nelson Sandoval, MD

Medical Director
Director médico

Yvonne Nowak, RN

Clinical Manager
Enfermera de hospicio

Beyana Grace, RN

Clinical Coordinator
Interfaith Minister
Human-Rights Missionary

Brian Martinez

VP of Business Development
Vicepresidente de Desarrollo de Negocios

Janette Velarde, LPN

Clinical Coordinator
Enfermera de hospicio de

Penelope Getman-Descant, RN

Clinical Educator

Cristina Martinez, RN

Compliance Nurse
Coordinadora Clínica

Julie McKee, LPN

Manager of CNA Services
Community Care Coordinator 

April Gonzalez, MSW

Social Worker
Trabajadora Social

Karene Bennett, MUP

Spiritual Care/Bereavement Coordinator
Interfaith Minister
Human-Rights Missionary
Coordinadora de Atención Espiritual de La ministra interreligiosa

Tarenta Baldeschi

Spiritual Care/Bereavement Coordinator
Interfaith Minister
Human-Rights Missionary
Coordinadora de atención espiritual El ministro interreligioso

Ah'Nuit Nelson, BS

Spiritual Care/Bereavement Coordinator
Interfaith Minister
Human-Rights Missionary

Camille Bonzani, RN

Hospice Nurse

Sylvia Yepiz, LPN

Hospice Nurse
Enfermera de hospicio de

Veronica Alvarez, LPN

Hospice Nurse
Enfermera de hospicio
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