Emotional Counseling & Support

While a patient is receiving hospice care, difficult choices sometimes have to be made regarding their continued care and medical treatment. With Soulistic Hospice, you don't have to make any of these decisions alone. We help families and caregivers by providing information and referrals, and helping to coordinate changes as they arise.

Emotional counseling services offered by Soulistic Hospice

Soulistic Hospice provides counseling and emotional support to patients and their families. Our staff also assists with logistical concerns such as health care wishes, planning for financial needs, and how to get additional support from other agencies. Our staff of compassionate and knowledgeable social workers bring much needed support and assistance during the stressful time of end-of-life care which often involves many decisions.

Our staff and social workers can discuss and assist in:

  • Coordinating placement into a personal care home or nursing facility, as needed
  • Coordinating respite care and communicating with family members and other caregivers
  • Providing information and referrals to additional services or agencies
  • Providing information about eligibility for additional benefits, such as VA benefits and insurance or financial assistance
  • Explaining hospice services and providing additional information as needed to patients and families about Soulistic Hospice care