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Steps To Take After a Loved One's Terminal Diagnosis

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When someone you love receives a terminal diagnosis, it can cause shock, anxiety, and fear. However, you can ease some of this anxiety and fear by taking the proper next steps to help them. Here are some helpful steps to take after a loved one’s terminal diagnosis.

Educate Yourself on Their Diagnosis

The first step after a loved one becomes terminally ill is to educate yourself on their diagnosis. Having a better understanding of your loved one’s illness and the symptoms that come along with it will help you to be an advocate for them. You can go with them to their medical appointments and ask any pertinent questions you may have to gain some clarity and receive guidance on the best course of action to take. The more you know, the more you will be able to help, so don’t be afraid to do your reading and ask several questions until you find the answers you need.

Determine Treatment & Care Options

Determining treatment and care options is another essential step in helping your loved one through their terminal diagnosis. Consult with your loved one and their doctor or a trusted medical professional to get an idea of the best road to take for treatment and care. There are several available options, such as at-home care, becoming a personal caregiver for your loved one, or moving into a hospice care facility. Make sure you respect your loved one’s wishes during this process, rather than taking the reins and deciding for them. Your loved one should also have a say in their treatment and care plans.

Have the Hard Conversations

The third necessary step to take during this time is having difficult conversations with your loved one. A terminal illness, unfortunately, has no cure, which means there are some serious decisions your loved one will have to make. Setting up a will, a power of attorney, and an end-of-life plan are all essential after receiving a terminal diagnosis. Have those important conversations with your loved one, so you know their wishes and can do your best to ensure that you carry them out properly.

Now that you know what steps to take after the terminal diagnosis of a loved one, you can proceed with ease and clarity. Soulistic Hospice offers dependable and trustworthy holistic hospice in the Tucson area that can help care for your loved one during this time.

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